Tamara Michelle Dobbs

Licensed Massage Therapist

(239) 948-5555

28811 South Tamiami Trail Suite 13 Bonita Springs Fl 34134


Licensed Massage Therapist since 1995, Reiki Master since 1997, worked with indigenous healers from around the world, and highly intuitive. Owned a spa for 15 years, it was best of Bonita for the 10 years in a row of its existence.

Currently working independently for self and as a subcontractor out of Fitness For Life.

What Her Clients Say…

“Tamara Dobbs is one of the finest massage therapist I have found around the world.. Her intuitive ability to observe and find what is really aggravating the muscles and the mind makes her a cut above the rest.” ~ April Moskoff ~

“The day I found Tamara Dobbs was a blessing, She does her best to work with in my schedule and always seems to know exactly what is ailing me even before we discuss what is aching or hurting.” ~ Maryle ~