Dr. Susan O. Cassidy, MD, JD


(239) 430-9678

Dr. Susan O. Cassidy is a physician and an attorney with broad expertise in clinical care, cognitive issues, mediation, health care quality, and advocacy. She is uniquely qualified to assist patients and families with all types of health care issues.

CRITICALMD provides a broad range of services including:

  • Cognitive Capacity Assessments
  • Mediation
  • Home Care and Assisted Living Evaluations
  • Personalized Medical Planning
  • Advocacy and Conflict Management

What Her Clients Say…

“Dr. Cassidy provided timely understandable medical information and helped me make the right decisions for my Mom and mediated our family conflict. There is no way to quantify the value of her help” ~ Tom S. ~

“After almost a year of not getting better, I called Dr. Cassidy. She reviewed my medical records and suggested some tests to my doctor that finally figured out what was wrong with me, got me the right treatment and improved my quality of life. ~ Tina C. ~